Rapid Automated Risk Assessment

Spatial distribution and analysis of aggregated taxonomic and occurrence data.

Statistics of Martyniaceae

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Containing 9 accepted names (species) with 432 Occurrences.

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Risk Categories

Number of species in each category of risk, calculated according to Rapid Risk Assessment based on geospatial distribution. View more on the 'About' page.


Occurrences and points

Number of occurrences with and without points (usable coordinates).

Occurrences without coordinates285

Number of occurrences per specie

Number of points per specie

Number of locations/subpop. per specie

Area of occupancy

Extent of occurrence

Species of Martyniaceae

  • Craniolaria integrifolia Cham.
  • Holoregmia viscida Nees
    Proboscidea unibracteata (Nees&Mart.)Decne.; Proboscidea unibracteata (Nees&Mart.)Decne.; Craniolaria unibracteata Nees&Mart.; Craniolaria unibracteata Nees&Mart.; Proboscidea unibracteata (Nees&Mart.)Decne.; Craniolaria unibracteata Nees&Mart.;
  • Ibicella lutea (Lindl.)VanEselt.
    Martynia montevidensis Cham.; Ibicella nelsoniana (Barb.Rodr.)VanEseltine; Martynia montevidensis Cham.; Proboscidea lutea (Lindley)Stapf; Ibicella nelsoniana (Barb.Rodr.)VanEseltine; Proboscidea lutea (Lindley)Stapf; Martynia lutea Lindl.; Martynia lutea Lindl.; Martynia nelsoniana Barb.Rodr.; Proboscidea lutea (Lindley)Stapf; Martynia nelsoniana Barb.Rodr.; Ibicella nelsoniana (Barb.Rodr.)VanEseltine; Martynia lutea Lindl.; Martynia montevidensis Cham.; Martynia nelsoniana Barb.Rodr.;